It’s No Time to Invite Company Over if Your House is a Mess

You have finally made contact with your new prospect. After a brief interaction, you managed to generate enough interest to move to the next step. However, your next step might not be your prospect’s next step.

As you reach into your pile of brochures and sort through your PowerPoint point slides, what do you think your prospect is doing? They are looking you up on LinkedIn and your website to learn more about you and your company. If your profile on LinkedIn is a mess and your company’s website has seen too many excuses of, “We are working on a new site” then you may as well have taken your new prospect by the hand and walked them off a cliff.

Gone are the days where you were the only point of contact and a smile was your rite of passage. Information is easily found and if your electronic profile doesn’t match your presented one, you lose.

Integrated Social Selling, as part of a system, trains you to pay close attention to all of your initiatives, making sure they are in lock step and presenting you, your company and your brand as a unified holistic solution.  Before you invite someone into your home, make sure it is fit for company.

Author: Rich Lucia