3 Things About Millennial Business Development


1. By the year 2020, Millennials will be over 50 percent of the workforce. That means that over 50 percent of B to B buyers as well as sellers will be Millennials.

2. Millennials don’t buy the way many of our sales training programs recommend and over 50% of Millennial sales people will not sell that way.

3. Unless you are predicting a massive movement of ‘Bring your Grandfather to work day’ then you might want to learn about this new breed of Millennial buyers and sellers.

They sometimes call me entitled, and often labeled as lazy,
However, misunderstanding is the cause of vision being hazy.
My parents believed the promise of a pension and a watch of gold,
Instead layoffs were their reward for listening to what they were told.
I guess I always questioned the concept of going with the flow,
There had to be a better way to enjoy my life, be creative and grow.
I was raised on being given choices of where to vacation and where to dine.
Is it any wonder that wanting my opinion heard is such a crime?
Be patient, pay your dues, and “Suck it up” is the preferred notion,
But I rather work hard on a more viable solution.
Amazon obsoleted the 7 days waiting for a package to arrive.
Uber replaced waiting for a taxi cab and provides employment to drive.
“Suck it up”, no, not for me. Being a Millennial now means I’m free.
I don’t need sales pitches, it wastes my time.
I collaborate with my friends to make up my mind.
I believe in education and using the technology of today.
With strong beliefs and values guiding my way,
I see no need for conflict and political intuitions
I believe strongly, we are a world of diverse contributions.
So you might not find me working on things the way they used to be,
I’ll be working at my passion, making things the way they are going to be.

Author: RichLucia

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