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Recession? Choose not to Participate

Everywhere you turn the word recession is the major topic. Job layoff’s cut backs, “cost savings sacrifices” have become part of our current corporate culture. Several years ago someone figured out that cutting costs had the same effect on the bottom line as gaining revenue; however what was never reveled that, although necessary, this is a short term strategy. This quick fix of reducing resources to become profitable has now been adopted as a practice of habit.

Companies have long since gone thru their organizations fat and have now cut into the muscle. The very muscle that made them great, leaving them with an organization that no longer is positioned and capable of growing revenue. (Which if we haven’t forgotten is an excellent way to increase profits both short and over the long haul). This is at the heart of our “recession” and frankly I choose not to participate. There is a solution and it begins with just that: Refusing to participate.

Today, we have morphed into Turtles and Ants. The turtles spend each day in their shell, occasionally peeking their heads out to see if the “recession” has gotten any better. The turtles hope is that a stock market will magically rally or for government intervention and political hopefuls will rescue them from these bad times. Upon observing that not only haven’t things gotten better, but the media discovered that a bigger audience can be had by pointing out anything that looks like a despair sandwich, they return to their shell to “wait it out”. The ant recognizes the need to survive and is content with following everyone else in a single line, hoping to pick up a few crumbs along the way.

Where are the eagle’s? Who is out there soaring above this belief that all we have to do is keep reaching into the seemingly bottomless pit of cost reduction. Find your eagles and return to growth by increasing revenue.
Let’s all refuse to participate in this “recession” but instead commit to growing our way to prosperity.

To accomplish increase revenue thru growth it begins with a attitude change about your companies physical and human resources. These are assets not liabilities and deciding to do more with your resources, not less is the first step. The 2nd step is to develop a plan. Organize a “growth team within your organization that focuses on opportunities and have them develop a plan. Not a cost cutting strategy, but a roadmap to increase revenue and profitability through a program that leads to growth. Step #3 is to Focus and train to these new initiatives. Step #4 is once you have trained for your new growth strategies, develop measureable milestones. Execute your plan and keep close check on results measured against expectations, modifying if necessary. There you have it. Sounds familiar, that’s because this is what we did before it became fashionable to be turtles or ants.

Participate in the “Growth” word

  1. Change attitude, recognize assets
  2. Organize a Growth Team to build a plan
  3. Focus and train to the growth plan
  4. Execute Growth Plan and monitor results