Are You Approaching Sales as a Shark or an Anchovy?

sell-like-an-anchovyToday’s business development calls for a fresh look at your sales strategy. I realize we were raised on the sales mentality of being a Shark. Cover our geography and chase anything that moves. Want more catches? Swim faster.

There just might be a more effective way to ensure that buyers are more receptive. Be an Anchovy instead of a Shark.

It is said that the Anchovy is the best feed fish in the ocean. It swims under the belly of the shark and does quite well feeding on what falls out of the Shark’s mouth while it is chewing. The Anchovy is focused and has become quite good at getting endless opportunities for food. There just might be a sales lesson in this scenario.

By not trying to sell to everyone that crosses your path, it becomes smarter to understand your niche and stay put. You will begin to be an expert in that niche and today’s buyers seeking added value will gravitate toward your advice and solutions. Your niche is that intersection of your company’s product or service and the most value it provides to targeted buyers. Focusing on selling narrow and deep will maximize your efforts and help turn that outdated sales funnel into an efficient sales cylinder. Oh, you will be tempted to run after the next passing shiny object but understand it for what it is, an effort to diffuse you and your mission.

Sell like an Anchovy and stick to your focused niche. Anchovies have learned that if they can avoid getting distracted and stay under the belly of the shark, they will do just fine. Getting distracted and getting too close to the shark’s mouth will lead to an unpleasant outcome, and wandering off, chasing something outside their niche, just might get them caught and wind up on someone’s pizza.

Author: Rich Lucia

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