It’s all about generating revenue. You could be just inches away from getting the results you seek. With a short conversation, I can determine if it makes sense to go forward and, when it does make sense, I have produced outstanding results.

As a consultant, coach, author and speaker, I skillfully teach what I have developed working with sales teams in corporations, start-up companies, and non-profit organizations. Business Development has always been a passion of mine. I am known as a “turnaround” executive and my experience spans a diverse range of companies. I can create immediate impact for you by helping you see through the complexities of your problems while offering the clarity you need to make better business decisions.

Some of my revenue growth areas of expertise include:

♦ Identifying Your Customer Profile
♦ Forecasting and Pipeline Management
♦ Social Media’s Role in Sales
♦ Leveraging Customer Perceptions
♦ Building Barriers to Entry
♦ Sales Coaching
♦ Business Development Strategy

There is no magic bullet. Business Development is about people and processes. Discover why a holistic approach to Selling in the Now is the only way to successfully accomplish revenue generation for your company. Success requires a commitment to excellence, the ability to change your culture, and the belief that becoming a resource to existing and future business relationships will maximize client acquisition. I look forward to helping you.

What’s next? Let’s start with a cup of coffee (literally or virtually) where we discuss your concerns and see if I can help you.

Call me at 484.302.6632 or email to get started.

Rich Lucia
Business Development Specialist
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