You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But First You Have To Find A Horse

Sales training usually starts in the quest for more sales. Seems to me that the most knowledgeable presenter, objection handler or expert closer is helpless when seated in front of an empty chair.

Let’s work on how we engage a new prospect before we jump into the tailspin of verbal gymnastics. Buyers are not welcoming doorknockers anymore and the Internet provides more objective information than the salesperson who is paid on commission.

What works today? Try these seven things on:

  1. Understand that buyers have changed. If you are using the same techniques your father did, you are probably on the wrong track.
  2. Only focus on the people who are predisposed to buying your product or service. Leave the rest to those who want to risk their arms and legs wrestling alligators.
  3. Find someone who can introduce you to these ideal prospects. These new prospects don’t know you so they won’t take your call or email unless you come recommended by someone they trust.
  4. Make sure your electronic profile matches you. Your LinkedIn profile and your website should be in harmony. You are going to be checked out by your prospect so prepare for it.
  5. Know your customer. If you can see the world through your prospect’s eyes you will know what your prospect buys.
  6. Leave the canned pitch in the can. Relate to this prospect as a person not a mountain to be conquered.
  7. Make sure all your selling initiatives are integrated. Too often, we sabotage our mission with conflicting sales strategies. Use Integrated Social Selling to get on track and keep on track.

Concentrate on finding not only a horse but also the right horse. Climb up on a duck and it just might be a whole different experience for you, and the duck is not going to be too happy either.

Author: Rich Lucia

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