Forget the Elevator Pitch, Take the Stairs

There is so much emphasis these days placed on how you must develop an elevator pitch. You know, what you say to someone when you first meet them about what you do (as if you were in an elevator and have to capture their attention before they get out). Ask yourself, do you want to listen to an infomercial when you first meet someone? Well guess what? Neither do they.
I get a big kick out of networking events that start off with a rotating chance to give your elevator pitch. As you speak most people aren’t listening to you as they are mentality figuring out what to say when it’s their turn. Some people are making believe they care with a visual that is more like a bobble head doll with a glazed over stare than truly listening. It’s as if everyone is pitching and no one is catching. You can’t play ball that way and starting any relationship with “I” is an open invitation to the land of loneliness.
We all would be better served to spend the time working on our elevator pitch to develop better listening skills. Learn how to ask people what they do and why. Show them you really care about what they are saying. They will appreciate it much more and you just might learn something and gain some insight into their personality. Sure you want to help people but hearing someone rattle off what they do won’t immediately light a fire under you to reference them to your contacts. After all, just because they can say what they do in thirty seconds doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at what they do. I know the elevator pitch is quick, and taking the stairs of listening takes more time, but listening, not talking will be more appreciated and have a more valid outcome. Remember the best relationships are built one step at a time.

Author: Rich Lucia

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