May the Sale Be With You

saleStale Sales Tools Don’t Cut It Anymore

Turned off by trying selling techniques that simply don’t work? That won’t change until you apply “Now Selling Techniques” to meet your customers where they live today.

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Your Customers Have Changed

For both beginning and seasoned salespeople, May the Sale Be With You brings you into the NOW-instantly. By sharing his experiences through a series of emails, veteran sales expert Rich Lucia helps his son Alex-and you-instantly learn the 180 rule and other techniques needed for Selling in the NOW.

About this Book

It was late one September when my son, Alex, graduated in Pennsylvania and moved to Florida. He’d always been ambitious, blessed with talent and the desire to work hard.

Alex was never big on taking direction from others. However, his personal determination served him well. I have watched him overcome every setback he’d encountered and use it as a learning experience. Alex never spent much time reading books. Instead, he leaned on the Internet to get a broad-brush view of a topic of interest.

It was clear Alex liked to “sip” on information rather than “gulping” it whole. When he told me he wanted to start a sales career and asked for my help, I was pleased and proud. After devoting more than 30 years to sales, I consider it to be the best profession in the world. To help him, though, I knew that sending him a bibliography of my sales library would be a lost cause.
How could I pass on my sales knowledge in a way that Alex-and other busy salespeople-could follow?

I knew I had to keep my messages short and to the point. I also wanted to solicit interaction. So I created a series of sales emails for Alex to “sip” from. The result is this quick information resource that encapsulates the force that makes a salesperson successful. Concepts that help understand how customers of today have changed and age old selling techniques might not be the answer. With it comes my wish for every reader to enjoy “Selling in the NOW” with great success.

May the sale be with you.

Rich Lucia